Varis for Customer Support and Maintenance


Kari is a customer support manager at an industrial equipment manager.


His responsibilities are:

  • ensure support requests are resolved in timely manner
  • allocate support resources efficiently

In addition, the company wishes to utilize customer support also as a profit-increasing role instead of a pure cost center. Possibilities include:

  • report frequent problems to product development so they can be fixed in the next revision of the product

Before Varis, his challenges were:

  • support requests written by customers often lack attribution to the correct product or ticket category (e.g., failed part or unsure how to use product), complicating personnel allocation
  • finding frequent problems requires manually reading through large amounts of reports
  • similar problems in different products are missed because the requests are handled by different support personnel

With Varis, Karis work routine looks like the following:

A new support request comes into the support helpdesk from a user of the Gadget 9000 product.

Varis analyses the text content of the request and assigns it into the following categories: Gadget 9000, Uncertain how to use product (subcategory: Unsure how to increase brightness) and Non-Urgent. Varis understands custom product names and model numbers, and uses historical support requests for predicting categories and priority.

The request is handled by Gadget 9000 support specialists and the user is satisfied.

Later, Kari and the product manager of Gadget 9000 inspect the support dashboard. Varis Trend Analysis indicates that lately many users don't know how to adjust the brightness setting. The product development team is informed and they implement more usable brightness adjustments for the next iteration of the product.

Six months later, Kari and the Gadget 9000 product manager verify from the Varis dashboard that support requests for brightness adjustments have significanty decreased.