Your sidekick in
text analytics.

Varis makes your work easier, so you can focus on more important things.
It uses sophisticated machine learning methods to read through masses of documents and find meaning beyond words.

Unlike many other text analytics services, Varis doesn't just focus on searching specific keywords — it actually understands what it's reading. It can, for example, summarize a long text for you to quickly browse, highlight differences between documents, or predict popularity metrics, like the number of reactions a post on social media will get.

Varis is versatile and highly customisable to your needs. Our experts in data science, development and service design are here to help you figure out how Varis can best ease your workload!

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Solutions for specific needs

Varis is flexible and suits many different kinds of text analytics needs. Below, you will find some examples of what Varis can do for various fields of business. Contact us for a demo and a meeting to discuss what Varis has to offer you!


Varis for social media management

Varis keeps you up to date on your social media channels, by sorting out the most urgent messages and alerting you about them. It can sense the overall tone of discussion under specific topics, help you in generating the optimal posts for your target audience, and suggest great content from before to re-use in communications.


Varis for customer service

Varis can go through all incoming customer feedback from various channels, prioritize the messages, and suggest a person within your organisation most suitable to take on the case. Or, you could just set up a chatbot with the help of Varis. Faster response times and more accurate customer service will keep both your staff and your clients happy!


Varis for reCRUITment

Going through masses of job applications can be a daunting task. Varis can help you keep on top of the recruitment process, making sure you notice all of the most potential applicants. It makes sure your interviewees match the criteria of the position, and can compare their profiles to those of previously hired candidates.


Varis for Content analysis

Learn from real-time conversation.

Going manually through online conversations regarding your brand can be a daunting task. Varis helps you filter out the most important things to develop your company to a customer-friendly direction. It can tell you what is appreciated by your customers, and what could use a bit of extra attention.

Varis does not rely on finding exact keywords — it actually understands the content. Searching for “dessert”, for example, will show all messages related to cakes, cookies, pastries, chocolate and ice cream, etc. — in all supported languages at once. It can also tell you whether the tone of the comment is positive or negative.


Varis for Document classification

Identify and sort documents. 

Whether you get tons of customer feedback or need to keep up with the latest research in your field of business, Varis can help you in managing massive amounts of documentation. It can either filter incoming text based on pre-defined categories, or synthesise new keywords on the go — which ever suits you best! It can also generate summaries of each document so you don't have to click through the files to see what's in them.


Varis for smart search

Find what you're looking for.

Varis understands the meaning of words and can read natural languages — the kind of text that you and I write. It runs a semantic engine, making it possible to search for things that are hard to define — not based on keywords, but on things that are somehow connected. Smart search can for example aid in learning from the experiences of others in your organization, by looking for similar projects or research from your archives.